Street art in Carlow Town

As part of the Carlow Arts Festival, many Street art projects arose in Carlow Town, since 2014.

June can be called the month of art and culture.

In June we have Carlow Arts Festival. It is an annual multi-disciplinary arts festival that takes place in Carlow Town.

Carlow Arts Festival is the first of the summer arts festivals in Ireland.

Local artists revived some of the grey and sad buildings by creating an artistic project on them.

Firstly, opposite to Shamrock Plaza in Carlow Town, there is a big derelict building covered with artwork. So one of its side it`s painted to make it looks like a real house. And on the other side, there is an artwork painted by The Pure Thinking Community Group. It shows the most famous attractions of County Carlow like Brownshill Dolmen, Carlow Railway Station, Carlow Courthouse, The Liberty Tree, Carlow Cathedral, Carlow College, Carlow Castle, St. Mary`s Church of Ireland, Wellington Bridge, and Carlow Lonely Tree.

Secondly, when you will turned left from Shamrock Square you will see other derelict houses. On Barrack Street in Carlow town derelict houses got painted to make them look like real houses. The artists turning ugly into beautiful.

Location of this building at Shamrock Square:

Below are photos I took in June 2021.


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