Killeshin Hills viewpoint over Carlow Town

View over Carlow Town from the Killeshin Hills

There is a fantastic view from Killeshin Hills viewpoint over Carlow Town.

So, on a clear day, be sure to go up the Killeshin Hills. Where you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of Carlow town. It’s equally impressive by night.

Moreover, this viewing point is situated just a few minutes drive from Carlow town center.

Killeshin is a small village in County Laois, situated five kilometers west of Carlow Town. Nestling in peaceful countryside, Killeshin has wonderful views across the Barrow Valley to the Blackstairs Mountains. Called the “The Balcony of Carlow”.

Despite being the second smallest county in Ireland, Carlow contains significant areas of landscape importance, ranging from mountains, hills, rolling farmland, river valleys, and woodlands.

The Killeshin Hills contains the following Landscape Types: uplands, farmed ridges, farmed lowlands, and broad river valley.

This character area lies on the western side of the County on the border with Counties Kilkenny and Laois and a short segment of County Kildare. The area is bounded to the east by the river Barrow Valley with the R448 skirting along the east side of the valley. The lands adjoining the river valley are gently undulating hills that ascend steeply to uplands adjoining County Kilkenny: the Castlecomer Plateau. There are extensive panoramic views of the entire County to be had from the eastern slopes.



Below are the photos I took in January 2021.


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