Grennan Castle, Co. Kilkenny

Thomastown historically known as Grennan is a town in County Kilkenny. This is where the ruins of a medieval fortified Grennan Castle are located.

So, I stopped to see this castle, because it is like Carlow Castle dated between 1207 and 1213. So, the very first of its kind in Ireland. It dates from around 1210.

Stopping just outside Thomastown. This area has a few picnic tables and an elevated view of the castle over the River Nore. There is an information board which has details about the castle.

So, the Grennan Castle, an oblong-shaped castle, dates from the 13th century and was erected by Thomas FitzAnthony. Then, in 1650 the town was attacked by Oliver Cromwell, and the castle was laid siege to by Cromwell’s army. After two days the defending forces surrendered.

The twenty-meter-long rectangular castle stands on the west bank of the River Nore. The ruin was in relatively good condition up until the early 19th century. Since then the courtyard walls and outer buildings have been destroyed.

Therefore, today the Castle is an abandoned place where cattle pass freely through holes in the slowly crumbling castle walls.

There is a fine road bridge which you cross on the road to Inistioge. From the lay-by from which you can see Grennan Castle.



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