Carlow Lonely Tree

Carlow Lonely Tree

Carlow Lonely Tree is one of the most photographed tree in Carlow County. It is probably the second most Famous Tree in County Carlow after The Liberty Tree (located in the centre of the Carlow Town).

This Famous Tree is called Carlow Lonely Tree because it stands alone among farmland, the only one and around nothing but field… Just beautiful isolated tree on the top of a field.

Carlow Lonely Tree is located at Kilkenny Rd, near the Woodford Dolmen Hotel, just outside Carlow Town.

This Tree is well known and very popular in the photo community throughout the Ireland. It was considered one of the most photogenic place not only in County Carlow but also in the whole Eastern Ireland.

Carlow Lonely Tree is very often photographed by both amateurs and professional photographers. And the photos of the Tree are awarded, won many photo contests, decorate calendars and various publications promoting these area.

This Tree got its enormous popularity because of the place where it grows. Tree like a tree, many of them can be found in every park, but none of them stands out as much as it is in the background of the surrounding landscape, among arable fields , lonely, one of a kind.

What kind of tree it is? I`m not sure, looks like a Beech tree, not that big, possibly only 80 years old.

Location of Carlow Lonely Tree:

Below my photos of Carlow Lonely Tree taken in early Spring.


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