Flowers of June

Flowers of June

It’s the 5th of July already. But I didn’t forget to post about the flowers of the month especially since the Flowers of June are amazing.

June has two birth flowers. The primary June birth flower is the rose and the secondary flower is honeysuckle.

The rose is a symbol of devotion and love, and the various colors of roses carry their own meanings, from passionate love (red) to friendship (yellow).

While honeysuckle might not be as popular as roses. They still carry a great deal of meaning and make for excellent additions to bouquets of cut flowers. Honeysuckle flowers are available in a wide range of colors, including yellow, pink, and red.

Also beautiful small rock-rose, campanula, clove, and damask-violet bloom in June.

This time I used the tool Pl@ntNet to identify flowers from my pictures.

In June I came across beautiful small yellow and pink rock roses and purple campanulas and clove pink and damask-violet and purple hebe and pink orpine blooming just next to the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art.

Absolutely stunning yellow, red, and pink Bengal roses blooming in front of St. Patrick’s Carlow College.

Below are photos I took in June 2021


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