VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (June – September 2021)

The last time I`ve been to the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art was in December 2021. You can see it in this post: What’s on at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (December – February 2021)

Then VISUAL was closed for 5 months because of the lockdown. It reopened its door for the public on Friday 4 June for Summer Season.

So in June`s Bank Holiday, I visited VISUAL after My art Walk with the Carlow Fringe Arts Festival trail map.

Currently, you can see four exhibitions which are available from 4th June 2021 until 12th September 2021. The admission is free but you have to book your visit online first (11 am -1 pm, 1 pm – 3 pm, 3 pm – 5 pm).

Current Exhibitions at the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art are:

1. Sky Fold

The commission to create an artwork for the exterior of VISUAL’s iconic building was awarded to Sky Fold, a project by architects Emmett Scanlon, Jeffrey Bolhuis, and Laurence Lord (AP+E). Sky Fold considers VISUAL a place of welcome. Made from within architecture, this installation articulates the relationship between buildings, people, and the natural environment. The work operates at two scales in particular – that of the building itself and that of the visitor.

2. Woman in the Machine

Co-created by VISUAL and Carlow Arts Festival, unfolds through film, exhibitions, sound works, light installations, digital native events, a 360 virtual exhibition space, performances, talks, and community engagement projects. Woman in the Machine is presented in the galleries at VISUAL, at the former Braun Factory site, and online.

3. The Braun Archive

Acknowledging the importance of the former Braun factory in Carlow town, and alongside the creative re-imagination of the building for Woman in the Machine, VISUAL and Carlow Arts Festival have undertaken to document and record this important building and site in the Braun Archive.

4. Wet Signal Voice Gardens

In Lobby Gallery, Wet Signal Voice Gardens is an online landscape, made by Kari Robertson. Audiences are invited to press the big, red button and speak into the microphone. Their sounds are recorded, and the recording is transformed into a colorful shape with the form and characteristics determined by the pitch, length, and volume of the voice.


Location of VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art:

Below are photos I took in June 2021.


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