Walk with Carlow Fringe Festival art trail map

Carlow Fringe Festival art trail map

The artist Chiara Trench Art designed for Carlow Fringe Arts Festival 2021 a map for the art trail.

In June Bank Holiday I went for an art walk with this map to view the murals and sculptures in Carlow Town.

My walk with Carlow Fringe Festival art trail map:

Ben Jelliman Mural

The first one is Ben Jelliman Mural – “Turning Hate Into Love”?

Ben Jelliman, who is part of the Fringe Arts Festival team, transformed a symbol of hate into art in Carlow Town. This small new mural is located on the Paupish Bridge next to Carlow Bus Station.

Liberty Tree

The second one is well known Liberty Tree located on Potato Market in the centre of Carlow Town.

The Liberty Tree is a commemorative sculpture, commissioned by Carlow Local Authorities to mark the Bicentenary of the 1798 Rebellion. The sculpture is the work of Dublin-born and internationally renowned sculptor John Behan who had worked as an engineer in Carlow Sugar factory at an earlier point of his career.

The sculpture honors the more than 640 rebels who were massacred on 25th May 1798 in the Battle of Carlow and who are buried in the Croppy Grave in Graiguecullen. Made of bronze and set on a circular base with a fountain. The sculpture features several macabre skeletons arranged around the tree-shaped outline.

Castle Sculpture

The third one is Castle Sculpture.

This sculpture is located just opposite the Carlow Castle that`s why we called it Castle Sculpture. It has an impressive circle from which you can see the Castle. Unfortunately, we don’t know who is the author, who and when made it, and what this sculpture intends to represent but the investigation is on the way.

Medusa Tree

The fourth one is Medusa Tree.

Just in front of the building of the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art & The George Bernard Shaw Theatre stands a huge metal sculpture of Medusa Tree. This sculpture was designed by Terry Pawson – a well-known British architect with extensive experience in designing buildings for art and in the cultural sector. Medusa Tree was installed in 2009 and created the perfect accompaniment to this new architectural landmark for Carlow town.

Sculpture at Unum

The fifth one is Sculpture at Unum.

In the center of Shamrock Square, there is another sculpture: Sculpture at Unum. It`s a man holding a large metal arch. Unfortunately, we don’t know who is the author, who and when made it, and what this sculpture intends to represent but the investigation is on the way.

Old Stones Mural

The sixth one is Old Stones Mural.

On the west side of College Street, just in front of the entrance to St. Patrick’s Carlow College, there is a building Seanclocha Cheatharlach, on which is a mural: Old Stones Mural.

Remember when the air was sweet
From the Tavern to the Weir
With the smell of sugar beet
Each September of the year.

Sowed the seed – Siol Sa Chre
Ploughed the furrow – Raon Treabhtha
On our land – In Ar OTalamh
Was golden grain – Arbhair Oir
Through the years the Stoney Street of Carlow
Stand against the wind and rain
From the Slaney River to the Barrow
These old Carlow Stones will remain

Yellow are the primroses
Green the leaf on the tree
Red were the hearts of our heroes
Who gave their lives for liberty.

Gala Hutton Mural

The seventh one is Gala Hutton Mural on Bridewell Lane, just next to Carlow Town Post Office.

Called Muriel on a Wire is an art piece inspired by cinema, entertainment, and fun. An artist who made it is Gala Hutton assisted by Purethinking Community Group. They made this mural for Carlow Arts Festival 2014.

This is my favorite mural in Carlow Town, always makes me smile when I pass next to it.

Made in Carlow Gallery

The eighth one on the Carlow Fringe Festival art trail map is Made in Carlow Gallery.

Located at 139 Tullow Street, Carlow Town. It is open daily 10 am – 6 pm. ‘Made in Carlow‘ showcases unique and original local arts & crafts. It is an art gallery, arts and crafts shop, and gifts shop. Full of stunning and fabulous local artwork and craft pieces.

On the map below I marked all murals and sculptures from Walk with Carlow Fringe Festival art trail map.

On the Carlow Fringe Festival art trail map is also marked art display in the shops and cafes windows during the Carlow Fringe Arts Festival 2021.

And I also heard that maybe will be another new mural in Carlow Town at the end of the Festival (it is a secret right now where it will be made).


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