St. Patrick’s Carlow College

Carlow College is known locally as St. Patrick’s College. What`s more, it is Ireland’s second oldest university-level institution. Founded in 1782, it has a distinguished history as a college of teaching and research in the Humanities.

The College is located in the heart of Carlow Town on College Street. There is in the park of the eighteenth century. On the one hand from Saint Patrick’s College is the Carlow Cathedral. And on the other VISUAL Center for Contemporary Art.

So, it is a very representative and attractive part of the town. Access to visitors from College Street allows you to visit the College, its park, Art Center, and Cathedral.

Saint Patrick’s College was founded in 1782 by Dr. James Keefe.

Then continued by the Catholic Bishop Kildare and Leighlin and his co-adjutant Bishop Daniel Delana. And opened to students in 1793. Currently, over 700 people, both lay and clerical, are educated there. Carlow College is proud of its long history. It educated generations of politicians, priests, writers, and public officials who were leaders in the society of their time.

Besides that, lecture halls at the college are named after famous Saint Patrick’s College graduates. E.g. John England Hall comes from the first Bishop of Charleston, USA (1820/42). Next, John Therry Hall commemorates the Australian Church pioneer. Then, Paul Cullen Hall – the first cardinal in Ireland. What`s more, famous lay graduates include James Fintan Lalor, John O’Leary, and Frank O’Meara impressionist painter.

The central part of the building was the earliest. It was almost 37 meters long.

Then, the extension and new college plan were initiated in 1817 by architect Thomas Cobden. Next, the southern wing was added in 1819. Then, the main north wing was built in 1821 and 1835 on a much larger scale. So, the front facade is very different from the original building. Moreover, the large hall with a semicircular apse in the College chapel is now called Cobden Hall. And, it is used to organize college and public events.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the centenary of the university, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart was erected. Now it functions as the College Library. Besides, an exhibition on the history of the university can be seen in the corridor leading to the Library.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the university’s opening – a large cross was erected in front of the College. Also in front of the cross is a modern sculpture designed by the German artist Paul Scheidner. It is the so-called “Sun Stone”. So, during the summer solstice, the shadow of the cross falls on the stone).

Motto: Carlow College – The Key to Your Future.

The university has partnerships with Carlow University, Pittsburgh, St Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa, the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs (ICISP), and Trinity College in Dublin.

Location of St. Patrick’s Carlow College:


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