Shamrock Plaza on Shamrock Square

There is Shamrock Plaza on Shamrock Square in the town of Carlow.

Shamrock (Irish seamróg) is a three-leaf clover ☘ a symbol of Ireland.

So, according to legend, Saint Patrick used it by showing this plant as one stem with three leaves to depict the essence of the Holy Trinity. What`s more, on St. Patrick’s Day (17th March), the shamrock is worn in lapel clothes by Irish people worldwide. Also, it has been adopted as a trademark by the Irish airline Aer Lingus and other companies wanting to emphasize their Irish affiliation.

Besides, Shamrock Plaza is in a great location in the center of Carlow town, where the N9 intersects the city’s main shopping street, Tullow Street. So, the building was built in 2009 and is an example that Carlow being one of the fastest-growing towns in Ireland. And then, the building was erected on the landscaped open square named Shamrock Square.

Moreover, Shamrock Plaza has become one of the symbols of the new style and standard of living in Carlow town.

In addition, it offers a carefully planned combination of commercial, residential, and health medical spaces. What`s more, they all are built and equipped in a modern form. So, it includes a number of retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, Bank of Ireland, pharmacies, and office outlets. The last two upper floors in the part of the building overlooking St. Patrick College – are high-class residential apartments. Shamrock Plaza consists of two buildings, Merchant House and The Atrium, there is also a large guarded, underground car park.

As of today, the following stores and services are located there:

  • UPMC Outreach Centre
  • Eddie Rocket’s
  • Quigleys Cafe, Bakery & Deli
  • Bank of Ireland
  • McCauley Health & Beauty Pharmacy
  • permanent tsb
  • Dolmen Medical Clinic
  • Kiwi Dental

What`s more, Shamrock Plaza apartments are the highest standards apartments in Carlow town and the most expensive ones.

For more info visit the official website:

In the center of Shamrock Square, there is a sculpture unknown artist and unknown what it represents.

Also, opposite Shamrock Plaza is a big derelict building covered in artwork. On the side, it`s painted makes it looks like a real house. And on the other side is an artwork painted by The Pure Thinking Community Group.



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  1. I would like to thank you for your blogs & in particular this one re The Shamrock Plaza, but also the ones on The Visual/St Patricks College! Have you done one on the Rtc, which has been growing apace for the last 50+years!
    Hopefully it will gain University Status in the near future!!

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