Carlow Farmers Market

On July 2020 Carlow Farmers Market celebrates its 16th anniversary. It started trading in July 2004.

The Carlow Farmers Market is open once a week, on Saturday, from 9 am to 2 pm. No matter if rains or shine. And it is located on the former Potato Market, in the Carlow town central shopping district.

You can buy here a wide variety of fresh local food products: local fruit and vegetables, organic fruit and vegetables, jams, chutneys and juices, organic meat, free-range meat, dry cured bacon products, crepes cooked on-site, chocolates and truffles, country style butter, quiches, and savory tartlets, traditionally crafted bread and cakes, specialty bread, sweet fare, a range of locally produced cheeses, olives and pesto, fresh fish, free range eggs, summer and winter bedding plants and vegetable and herb plants and other seasonal products.

The Carlow Farmers Market is unique because it is one of the few authentic marketplaces where local manufacturers mainly supply local products they produce – always fresh and of high quality.

Today the Market comprises 13 specialty food producers:

  • Bates of Kilmore Quay: Fresh fish from the trawler to customers. Fish is coming straight from the trawler in Kilmore, co. Wexford.
  • A&K; Real Food: Raw vegan food, Wheatgrass, Sourdough Breads, Smoothie, Fermented Food.
  • Afternoon Tea: Home Baking
  • Moyleabbey Organic Farm: Wide range of organic fruits & Vegetables
  • The Soul of Crete: Extra virgin olive oil, olives, balsamic, olive paste, spicy’s (seasonal mixies), herbal teas ( Greek products) Healthy chocolate spread based on tahini – plain tahini.
  • Speltbakers: Spelt bread
  • Newtown Farm Produce: Free Range Meat and Dry Cured Bacon Products – Aberdeen Angus Beef, Lamb, Dry-Cure Bacon, Free Range Chickens.
  • The Haggart Farm: Fresh vegetables
  • Deirdre’s Crepes: Crepes
  • Malone Fruit Farm: Fresh & Frozen Fruit, Jam chutney jellies & honey.
  • Blues Creamery: Irish, hand-crafted, artisan cheese from grass-fed, free-range cows.
  • Cindy’s Bakery: Home-baked bread and cakes.
  • Lily’s Field: Freshly hand-picked flowers grown at Lily’s Field change with every season to create unique posies, bouquets, and arrangements.

At a time when we are increasingly concerned about the quality of food products on our tables. And the list of ingredients that can be found in the information on their packaging is growing more and more by fillers, fixatives, hardeners and the mysterious E. Buying goods from local, known, and caring producers is very important.

In this market, not only the residents of Carlow do shopping. And you can not only buy products here and take them home but also eat a variety of tasty dishes.

Carlow Farmers Market supports the local economy and tourism. On the market take place special events like Carlow Farmers Market Halloween Event and Christmas events.

Location of Carlow Farmers Market:


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