Curragh Military Cemetery, Co. Kildare

I stopped to see the Military graveyard on the Curragh of Kildare.

It is called Curragh Military Cemetery and is situated on the eastern side of Curragh Military Camp, 3 miles southwest of Newbridge, and 4 miles southeast of Kildare town.

The Curragh has historically been a military assembly area, due to the wide expanse of the Curragh Plain.

What`s more, Curragh Military Camp was the largest in Ireland. It is now home to the Defence Forces Training Centre of the Irish Defence Forces.

The Curragh Cemetery has many graves that attest to the British Army’s presence on the Curragh up to their departure in 1922. So, there are approximately 104 graves in the cemetery according to records, mainly British servicemen who died at the camp during World War I.

So, The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains the graves which are scattered throughout the cemetery. The majority of the Headstones are dedicated to men who served in the armed forces from Britain (England/ Scotland/ Wales). Although there are some who appear to have Irish names.

Moreover, the Cemetery has a Lych-gate entrance dated VR 1869. Lych-gate is a common feature in English cemeteries. It is a churchyard gateway with a roof, under which a corpse was laid during a funeral to await the arrival of the clergyman.

Also, there is a pedestrian entrance to the left of the gate that allows access to the cemetery.

What`s more the area is well maintained, with a few scattered trees, and the cemetery is walled with stone. Behind the cemetery’s wall, there were lots of mushrooms.

Definitely, for those with an interest in war and history, this is an interesting place to visit.

Location of Curragh Military Cemetery:

Below are my photos taken in September 2022.


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