Flowers of February

Flowers of February are Snowdrops and Crocuses.

Snowdrops and Crocuses are one of the earliest flowers. They started flowering already in January and February. And they look particularly spectacular.

Snowdrops have been known since the earliest times under various names. But were named Galanthus in 1753. They are “milk flowers” because their Latin genus name is Galanthus. It comes from the Greek gala meaning milk and anthros meaning flower.

It prefers to grow in shady woodland areas, near streams, or other damp areas. In Irish folklore, it was said to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Although it is very common across Ireland today, the snowdrop originally came from central and eastern Europe.

The most wonderful and unique collection of over 100 named varieties of snowdrops can see at Altamont Gardens. During the month of February, there is the annual Snowdrops Festival at Altamont Gardens.

I love taking photos of flowers. Below are photos of Snowdrops I took in February 2021 next to St. Patrick’s Carlow College and the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art.

Also, I came across there to spring Crocuses. Carpets of the small yellow Crocuses and some white and purple flowering. These are very cheerful flowers. In cold climates, their cheery blossoms will often open when there’s still snow on the ground. Crocus flowers come in Easter egg colors of purple, yellow, lavender, cream, and white.


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