Swans and Sunset over Barrow River

I love to admire Swans and Sunset over River Barrow in Carlow Town Park.

Today, it has been exactly a year since I came back to posting on my blog systematically. That was a great decision, taking photos and doing this blog made me happy in this difficult pandemic time. I have a big library of my photos taken since 2014, so I can continue blogging even in a lockdown time when I can`t travel to new places.

I`ve published 81 posts during this time. The first post after the break was about River Barrow and today again some photos from the banks of River Barrow at Carlow Town Park. This place is perfect for any time of the year to go for photos. This is a special area for the swans, there are hundreds of them.

The Swans are known around the world for their beauty, elegance, and grace. The swan is a genus of waterfowl that has the ability to swim and fly with incredible speed and agility. This bird is also very intelligent, devoted to its mate, and highly aggressive about defending its young.

I love to admire swimming swans and the sunset over River.

Luckily we have lots of amazing places close to Carlow Town.

Location of Carlow Town Park:

Below are photos I took in February 2021.


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