Carlow Railway Station

Carlow Railway Station was built in 1845. It was designed by the outstanding railway engineer Sir John MacNeill.

The station is located on St Joseph’s Road and Railway Road, on the line connecting Dublin and Waterford.

Most of the station’s original buildings have survived to this day. These buildings are built of yellow brick and the finishes are granite.

This is a typical example of Jacobean Revival architecture – “Ornamental Style”.

So, the second phase of Renaissance architecture in England, after the Elizabethan style, whose name comes from the King of England James I.

The station consists of two floors, a central block, and two wings. There are two platforms and a footbridge. The station also has offices, a waiting room, and a cafe.

In 1870, a cast-iron footbridge was built over the railway tracks, which, thanks to its solid construction, is still used by passengers.

There are currently few active rail lines in Ireland. Most of them radiate from Dublin (where there are two main stations: Heuston and Connolly) to major cities.

Trains in Ireland are fast and modern, but unfortunately quite expensive. Traveling by train is often several times more expensive than, in the same section, travel by bus, but by train, we will cover the same route almost 2x faster!

Rail services in the Republic of Ireland are run by the company Iarnród Éireann, which is also known as the Irish Rail.

The company offers both local and long-distance connections. The former, in relation to Dublin, is known as DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit), although they are administered by Iarnród Éireann. In terms of services rendered, they are similar to the Polish SKM (Fast Urban Rail).

There is a direct connection between Carlow and Dublin, as well as Carlow and Waterford. The one-way trip between Carlow and Dublin takes about 1 hour.

On the wall of Carlow Railway Station, there is a plaque commemorating William Dargan – an engineer who was the most important figure in railway construction in Ireland, and who was born near Carlow town.

In the station waiting room, there is a mini photo gallery from past years.

Location of Carlow Railway Station:


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