Carlow Town Hall

For over one hundred and twenty years the Town Hall continues to be at the center of local government administration in Carlow.

It was constructed according to the plans of the architect William Hague, Dublin. And in March 1886 Carlow Town Commissioners officially opened the newly construed Town Hall.

During 2005–2006 Carlow Town Council refurbished the building including the repairing of the original old gas lamp working order which is located over the front door. And which in 1891 was transformed for electric use.

What`s more, Carlow after Dublin and London was then the third city of the British Empire that had electricity.

Carlow Town Hall is located on Centaur Street, on the north side of the city on a market called Haymarket, which was once one of the town’s major commercial markets. There were four main trading markets in Carlow Town: Potato Market, Coal Market, Butter Market, and Haymarket.

Today it is newly renovated and looks very good. Is undoubtedly the original building in the Victorian style. In my opinion, it looks like he was a painted picture, especially when is a sunny day and blue sky.

Next to every important building or place in Carlow, there is a board with a map indicating the given attraction and its short description. I admit that thanks to these boards I learned about several interesting places and buildings that are worth seeing in the town of Carlow.

During the Christmas season, a large Christmas tree stands in front of the Town Hall in the market square. The square looks beautiful at that time.

Next to Carlow Town Hall is a Polonez store – the biggest Polish food store in Carlow Town. The Polonez Store Network began operating in 2003, opening the first store in Naas, Kildare. It was one of the first stores in Ireland to provide our countrymen with Polish food. Currently, the chain has 27 stores located in Southern Ireland.

Opposite Carlow Town Hall is Nancy Whiskeys’ pub. Both buildings look like coloring pictures. And right behind the pub is St. Mary’s Church of Ireland with a beautiful tower.



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