VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (February – May 2022)

The last time I`ve been to the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art was in June 2021. You can see it in this post: VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (June – September 2021)

I admit, it was so long time ago. So in April, I popped up there to see what was on.

Currently, you can see five exhibitions that are available from 26th February 2022 until 22nd May 2022. Admission is free and you don`t need to book your visit online. Visual is open Tuesday – Saturday 11 am -5.30 pm, and Sunday 2 pm – 5 pm.

Current Exhibitions at the VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art are:

1. Soft Rains Will Come

VISUAL presents Soft Rains Will Come, a new body of work by artist Christopher Steenson. Influenced by the experimental fiction of David Markson, the compositions of John Cage, and research drawn from climate modeling and weather forecasting, Soft Rains Will Come takes the form of a spatial sound installation that operates as a live radio broadcast within the gallery space.

2. A Space for Making Good Decisions About the Place

This installation by Helena Fitzgerald proposes a way of thinking about the places where we live. It is a prototype, describing an approach to how we can make good decisions for the future. The space has been assembled in response to the pressing need to make good decisions at a local level so that we can act to address biodiversity loss and climate change.

3. I see Earth

I see Earth presents an ambitious large-scale installation of sculptural work by one of Ireland’s foremost architects, Tom dePaor. The exhibition spans his practice from 1991-2021 through the media of sculpture, objects, film and drawing, painting, and writing. The centerpiece of the exhibition is an epic installation comprised of 2km of 6mm round bar steel which brings to life the familiar Willow Pattern – a house, a fence, a bridge, a hut, a boat, and an island with birds in flight – reconstituted as a 3D drawing of some of dePaor’s iconic works previously exhibited at the Venice Biennale and elsewhere.

4. Life on a Plate

In the Main Gallery, Tom de Paor has created an exhibition, that references the Willow pattern plate. This exhibition represents important works from Tom`s life; this kind of exhibition is often called a retrospective. In the Lobby gallery Life on a Plate is a playful, interactive installation. You are invited to enter and draw the story of your life on a large whiteboard.

5. One Hundred Steps

One Hundred Steps is a film installation created by Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca in collaboration with 20 musicians and dancers from Ireland, France, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. The film is the duo’s first transnational project.


Location of VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art:

Below are photos I took in April 2022.


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