Duckett’s Grove and Walled Gardens

I already visited Duckett’s Grove a couple of times and have always been delighted. It is such an amazing place for photography. This time I have been there in August. Especially to see the Walled Gardens because I love to take photos of flowers.

Duckett’s Grove is the most unique and magical Historic House in County Carlow. It was built in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. It was once one of Ireland’s finest examples of a thriving Great House and surrounding estates. And it was home to generations of the Duckett family, who settled here as major landowners in 1695. The extraordinary ruins of Duckett’s Grove, a neo-Gothic pile had been all but burned to the ground in 1933. Even in ruins, Duckett’s Grove is a most important and impressive example of a Gothic revival style in Ireland. And the surviving towers and turrets form a romantic profile in the landscape. Making it one of the most photogenic historic buildings in the country.

Duckett`s Grove is managed by Carlow County Council. And also features sensitively restored original Walled Gardens with flowers, shrubs, and fruit trees.

Beyond the walls of Ducketts Grove is a stunning walled garden that, upon crossing the threshold, will take your breath away. Amazing variety of flowers, and non-native, vibrant, and interesting plants bloom here. This walled garden is one of the magical places very worth your visit in the summer.

Duckett’s Grove Walled Gardens are gorgeous, brimming with historical varieties of roses, peonies, perennials, and flowering shrubs. They have been revived to reveal ancient paths, with beds and borders reinstated, in a mix of old and new styles.

I noticed some changes have been done at Duckett`s Grove since my last visit. The windows of the house are uncovered so you can look inside. Also, information boards have been added.

During this visit to Duckett`s Grove, I also took a lot of photos of grotesque heads on the walls of the building.

Location of Duckett’s Grove and Walled Gardens:

Below are photos I took in August 2021.


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