Delta Sensory Gardens Summer 2021

Today I want to show you how Delta Sensory Gardens look at the beginning of Irish Summer. In Ireland, Summer starts 1st of May.

The last time I’ve been to these Gardens was in September 2020. You can see it in this post: Delta Sensory Gardens.

I was so happy that Delta reopen after the lockdown. I went for a photo walk to Delta Sensory Gardens. It was a glorious day. The weather was exceptional, so sunny.

Delta Sensory Gardens consist of 16 interconnected multi-sensory gardens which you can walk through. Including:

  1. Thistle Fountain
  2. Circle of Life Garden
  3. Memorial Garden
  4. Five Senses Garden
  5. Stolen Child Garden
  6. Roof Garden
  7. Formal Rose Garden
  8. Mediterranean Garden
  9. Willow Garden
  10. Sculpture Garden
  11. Games Garden
  12. Peace Garden
  13. Woodland Garden
  14. Iris O`Brien Health and Wellness Garden
  15. The Pavilion
  16. The Waterfalls,
  17. Patio Garden.

Each of the gardens is amazing and looks different depending on the season.

I love the Thistle Fountain and sculpture “Dancing rods” (made of hand-blown glass) in the Circle of Life Garden.

I’m a lover of taking photos of flowers and Delta Sensory Gardens are real flowers paradise.

You can see it in this post: Flowers of May

Flowers at the Celtic Walk and Patio Garden delighted me. I think this was my favorite part of Delta Sensory Garden at this time in May.

Five Senses Garden always delight me. The most stunning feature of this garden is Kugal – one ton of pink marble floating on a water cushion (the largest of its kind in Ireland).

Stolen Child Garden is a magic garden with a unique sculpture of a sleeping monk. It was inspired by the poem by W.B. Yates.

A very unique, original, and amazing garden is Iris O`Brien Health and Wellness Garden.

The perfect place to relax in The Waterfalls consists of a pond with live fish, a bridge, and a waterfall. This is the first waterfall in Carlow that is completely accessible to tourists, you can go and dip your hands in the water, and go around the waterfall.

I can`t wait to visit Delta Sensory Gardens again. Next time maybe when the roses blooms.

Location of Delta Sensory Gardens:

Below are photos from my visit to Delta Sensory Gardens Summer 2021.


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