Tour to Carlow County Library

On Thursday morning our English conversation group took a tour of Carlow County Library. We saw an exhibition “Colour Meets Black and White” in Carlow Library by two local artists Elwira Bernaciak and Corina Fitzgibbon.

That Art Exhibition was in Carlow County Library 4th – the 14th of June – during the Carlow Arts Festival.

`”Colour Meets Black and White” is a series of works created by Corina and Elwira on paper and canvas. Each artist has a very unique style and uses very different techniques.

Elwira is a contemporary abstract and realist painter, her series of works focus on texture and color, combining her techniques of abstract and realism her inspiration comes from life experiences, emotions, and the surrounding world.

Corina is a Visual Artist and Printmaker, she works primarily in pen and ink creating intricate black-and-white works conveying her own world. A fantasy world filled with spectacular vast forests and streams, mountains and stars, gateways to the unknown, and monsters. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of Ireland and nature.`

– source Visual Artist Ireland

Free English conversation classes are every Thursday (10.00-12.00) in Carlow (The Old Schoolhouse, Barrack Street). Everyone is welcome!

It is the perfect way for improving your communication skills and meeting new people from different countries.

Free English conversation classes
Free English conversation classes


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