`The Pig` at Carlow Arts Festival 2019

The Pig appears at Carlow Arts Festival, which runs from 4 June to 9 June 2019. And placed on Carlow street in Carlow Town.

The Pig is a large transparent piggy bank. And inside the Pig is an LED sign, saying: “This is a community fund. You can contribute to it if you like, and when you’ve agreed on how to spend it you can open me and spend it. #ThePig”.

The Pig is an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world. Pig was conceived by Kaleider’s Artistic Director, Seth Honnor collaborated with Owen Gundry on the pig’s fabrication. It has been commissioned by European partnership In-Situ, which brings together some of Europe’s most significant arts festivals and programs. Pig premiered at Norfolk & Norwich Festival in May 2018, before touring internationally.

So it is art projects that travel around the world visiting public spaces and force people to ask themselves questions about how they see and interact with the world around them. Pig is available for international touring.

What`s more, Pigzine was founded by Editor-in-Chief Natasha Batorijs. Wherever Pig goes, people (sometimes young people, sometimes local residents) report on all things Pig.

The next location of The Pig was Cork, Ireland. To follow Pig all over the world visit: pigzine.com

So, I found The Pig at the entrance to Fairgreen Shopping Center.


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