`Virtual Reality Cinema` at Carlow Arts Festival 2019

I was volunteering at Carlow Arts Festival this year! And I’m delighted, I could assist with a fantastic project such a `Virtual Reality Cinema` at Carlow Arts Festival 2019 weekend. It was an exciting experience.

The VR Cinema featured a series of VR films. From animation to empathy-building documentaries with content for all families shown on Oculus Go headsets.

Carlow Arts Festival 2019 has teamed up with Camille Donegan of Virtual Reality Ireland. To curate a line-up of Virtual Reality films featuring the best in homegrown and international talent.

So, Camille Donegan was the VR curator for the festival along with Jo Mangan, the festival’s artistic director. Together they selected several best-in-class VR films to be showcased at the VR Cinema – where 10 x Oculus Go headsets simultaneously played each film. Key to the design of the VR Cinema was the
contextualization of what world the audience was about to step into, and following the viewing of the film, they shared how they found the experience prior to stepping into the next film in the program.

The VR Cinema at Carlow Arts Festival was run from Saturday, 8 June to Sunday, 9 June – from 1-9 pm.

Daytime program for all the family – 30 min slots. From 1 pm – 4 pm; Invasion (7 mins), My Africa (9 mins), Spacewalker (5 mins).Duration: 21 mins.

Evening program for all the family – 30 min slots. From 1 pm – 4 pm; Sanctuaries of Silence (7 mins), 4 Feet: Blind Date (18 mins). Duration: 25 mins.

All films were brilliant, especially My Africa and Specewalker. You could feel like you travel from Africa to Space and back home again. So, you could feel like being transported into the shoes of others. And also get to experience life from their perspective.


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