St Andrew’s Church in Bagenalstown

St Andrew’s Church in Bagenalstown is a Roman Catholic Church. Located in Muine Bheag also known as Bagenalstown. Muine Bheag is a Parish in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin.

Bagenalstown Parish is situated in the beautiful Barrow Valley in the County of Carlow.

So, in 1817 The Church in Dunleckney was closed and St Andrew’s Church was opened on Christmas Day 1820 on a site provided by the Newton family. Built to replace the old Catholic Church at Dunleckney.

Constructed with Carlow granite, and designed in the Gothic revival style. Perhaps the church`s most distinctive feature is its elegant needle spire, which was added in 1890.

The steeple of the Church is one of the significant landmarks of Bagenalstown.

Other interesting attributes include the church`s large granite fonts: beautiful wall-mounted memorials and the elaborate stained-glass window located behind the altar.

St Andrew’s was built by Rev. Michael Prendergast, who is interred within the church and its design is attributed to Thomas Alfred Cobden. The famous architect responsible for other notable buildings in the Carlow area including Duckett`s Grove Historic House and Carlow Cathedral.

Source: Bagenalstown Heritage Trial plaque.


Below are photos I took in June 2021.


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