Ballyloughan Castle

Ballyloughan Castle is a ruined castle and National Monument of Ireland. Located in County Carlow near Bagenalstown.

Today, a twin-towered gatehouse, the hall and foundations of one of the corner towers, dating to about 1300 remain.

Ballyloughan`s gatehouse, which protected the entrance to the castle, is one of the finest example of its type in Ireland.

We know little about history of the castle. But its architecture suggest that it was probably built by a local Anglo-Norman lord, around the year 1300. A time when much of County Carlow was passing into the hands of the native Irish Kavanagh family.

Ballyloughan Castle was probably built in the 13th century. And consisted of a large open courtyard with a curtain wall and a moat outside. Only a small square tower of Ballyloughan Castle remains. As well as the entrance gate which is flanked by two large rounded towers.

Archelogical excavation in 1955 revealed that the castle had been surrended by a ditch. But that this had been refiled early in the castle`s history. Finds from the excavation included a silver finger-ring of the 14th century. The ruined house overlooking the castle was buit in the 17th century.

Ballyloughan Castle originally belonged to the Kavanaghs. Before passing into the hands of the Bagenal family of nearby Bagenalstown and following this the Bruen family in the early 19th century.

The Castle is located on private land, no access allowed. It may be viewed from the nearby adjacent gate.

Source: information board of Ballyloughan Castle.

Location of Ballyloughan Castle:

Below my photos taken in June 2021.


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