River Cottage (Graiguecullen Carlow)

This lovely River Cottage is located at Sleaty Road, Graiguecullen, Co. Carlow. It`is just next to St. Patricks Boys A.F.C (Graiguecullen Carlow), between Carlow Town Park and Carlow Parcel Collection Post. I pass it everyday on my way to work.

This River Cottage is decorated by plaques commemorate Irish Republican Army North and South soldiers. Such as Kevin Barry, James Connolly, Michael Collins and Irish Republican Army hunger strikers: Bobby Sands, Charles Stewart Parnell.

Kevin Barry was 18 years old when he was hanged in Mountjoy Jail on November 1st 1920. His death at such a young age is possibly the most poignant in recent Irish history. He was born in 1902 in Dublin and grew up both in the capital and in County Carlow.

James Connolly was a marxist union leader and revolutionary. Who was a leading participant in the Easter Rising (April 24–29, 1916) in Dublin against British rule.

Michael Collins was an Irish revolutionary, soldier, and politician. Who was a leading figure in the early-20th-century Irish struggle for independence. Also he is most famous for his leadership of the republican military campaign. Against Britain (the War of Independence) through the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Bobby Sands was 27 years old when he lost his life on May 5, 1981, during a hunger strike. He protesting the end to “political prisoner” status for IRA prisoners.

Charles Stewart Parnell was Irish Nationalist, member of the British Parliament (1875–91). Also the leader of the struggle for Irish Home Rule in the late 19th century.

Location of River cottage (Graiguecullen Carlow):

Below my photos taken in March 2021.


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