Adelaide Memorial Church in Myshall

Adelaide Memorial Church of Christ the Redeemer in Myshall, County Carlow

In the village of Myshall, about 30 minutes from Carlow Town, there is a beautiful Adelaide Memorial Church. I always wanted to visit this church which is one of the hidden gems of County Carlow.

Considered one of the most important architectural treasures, not only in County Carlow but in the whole of Ireland.

The Adelaide Memorial Church in Myshall is a scaled replica of the famous Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, England.

Built as a “memorial of love” from English merchant Thomas Duguid to his wife Adelaide, and his daughter Constance.

London businessman Thomas Duguid built the church in 1913. To honor his wife, Adelaide who died in 1903, and daughter, Constance following their tragic deaths. Both are buried here. His daughter Constance came to Myshall to visit her sister. And she fell in love with Rupert George Inglis Brady, who lived nearby at Myshall House. Inglis was the last male heir to the Cornwall Brady Family of Myshall. The couple got engaged but before the marriage took place Constance was thrown from her horse. And died soon afterward at her sister’s residence.

After the burial of his wife and daughter at Myshall, Thomas Duguid erected a memorial statue of ‘Innocence’ carved by Thomas Farrell from Sicilian marble over the grave. But the harsh Irish weather caused the marble to deteriorate rapidly. This prompted Thomas Duguid to build the Adelaide church as a protective structure around the sculpture.

Described as an architectural gem, Adelaide Memorial Church was designed by George Coppinger Ashlin. One of the foremost architects in the country in the eighteenth century as a miniature of Salisbury Cathedral in England.

The church was consecrated in September 1913.

And continues, under the official name of The Church of Christ the Redeemer, to provide a beautiful place of worship for the local Church of Ireland community. Since then, known as the Church of Ireland The Adelaide Memorial Church of Christ the Redeemer in Myshall.

The church is impressive with an ornate tower and spire. It stands on beautifully maintained grounds, accessed by a yew-lined drive. There are also huge stunning trees on the place around the church.

The stunning interior features a marble floor inspired by St Mark’s in Venice and stained glass windows depicting scenes of the local countryside. Unfortunately, I didn`t see the interior because the church was locked.

Location of Adelaide Memorial Church:

Below are photos I took in January 2022.


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  1. Hello Malgo,
    the pre Name Thomas on the board is wrong, I told the church, it was build by Mr. John Duguide, born in Buenos Aires, the son of Thomas Duguide. More Details you get from responsable church warden Mr. John Kelly, in Myshall. The vicar is dr. Lester Scott. You find more Information if you search for John Duguide, Myshall and Constance

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