What Am I Worth? Extraordinary Bodies at Carlow Art Festival 2018

Extraordinary Bodies performed at Carlow Art Festival this year.

They are a professional integrated circus company based in the UK and a partnership between Cirque Bijou and Diverse City.

What Am I Worth? Extraordinary Bodies at Carlow Art Festival 2018

That was the most amazing and emotionally touching performance of the past Carlow Arts Festival 2018.

My hands were shaking while I was recording this video. It was very exciting to see this live.

The song in 9:12 minutes in the video is called ‘What am I Worth?’. This song is brilliant. All of the music in the show is original music composed by Ted Barnes and the Cirque Bijou cast.

Seven extraordinary artists dance, fly, catch, play, and sing on a flying, tipping, and spinning stage, as they grapple with what it means to value each other in a world of instant judgments.

The award-winning, integrated circus company Extraordinary Bodies (UK), worked with a group of disabled and non-disabled Carlow community members to create this groundbreaking new show for 2018.

Carlow Arts Festival is partnering with a number of UK venues and festivals to present this work, which will have its World Première in Carlow before embarking on a UK Tour ending at the National Theatre River Stage in London.

This highly skilled and beautifully touching circus show for all ages features an exceptional cast of diverse and extraordinary bodies.

This show is fully accessible with integrated audio description and sign language interpretation (BSL & ISL). Touch tours are available before each show.

Extraordinary Bodies are supported by Arts Council England and the show has been developed with the support of the National Theatre (London).

I made a video (you can find it on my YouTube channel).

What Am I Worth? Extraordinary Bodies at Carlow Art Festival 2018

Below are some photos from this amazing performance.


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