VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (December – February 2021)

The last time I went to VISUAL was in September 2020. You can see it in this post: What’s on at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (July – October 2020)

Now, since December 2020 VISUAL has begun a new season.

Inspired by the Main Gallery exhibition, The Soil Becomes Scandinavian, VISUAL beautiful lightbox building has been decorated with winter wonderland scenes. You can see it in this post: Winter illuminating scenes at VISUAL

Currently, you can see four exhibitions which are available from 3rd December 2020 until 22nd February 2021. The admission is free but you must book your visit online first (at 11 am, 1 pm, or 3 pm).

Current Exhibitions at VISUAL are:

1. The Soil Became Scandinavian

The Soil Became Scandinavian, is a film/sculptural installation by Adrian Duncan and Feargal Ward. It traces the steps of Irish forester Dermot Mangan who was sent to rural Finland in 1946 to find trees in sufficient size and number to be used as Rural-Electricity-Scheme poles in Ireland. The Rural Electrification Scheme impacted the country’s social, economic, and industrial development, and transformed urban and rural life beyond recognition. Alongside the film, discarded ESB poles rest as objects in the space, the smell is of creosote.

2. The Best Laid Plans

Tom Fitzgerald casts a satirical glance at 2020 and sketches it out in a series of drawings about Trumpism, Brexit, and Covid 19. The Best Laid Plans illustrates how satire and political cartooning can capture the spirit and pressures of a time with quick precision. Drawn on ceramic tiles these sharp-witted drawings present a perspective on the year that was.

3. When We Can Travel Again

Adventures, expeditions, trips, and quests in the imagination. This season’s learning program responds to The Soil Became Scandinavian, a film made by Fergal Ward and Adrian Duncan, and explores ideas of staying at home while dreaming of traveling.

Visitors to the gallery can have a full-body experience visiting strange and beautiful landscapes from real life and the imagination in a green screen video studio.

4. Signals and Circuits

Signals & Circuits is a program of contemporary moving image works by Irish and international artists Jenny Brady (IE), Jussi Eerola (FI), Laura Fitzgerald (IE), John Smith (UK), Deborah Stratman (USA), and Yoga For The Eyes (IE). This exhibition is available from 12th December 2020 until 31st January 2021.

Showcasing Carlow Design

Also, this December VISUAL and FORM will collaborate to showcase and sell Carlow-made design and craft. The FORM network consists of designer-makers and craftspeople, who create high-quality homeware, gifts, and wearable pieces. All members live and work in County Carlow. Showcasing Carlow Design is available from 3rd December 2020 until 22nd February 2021.


Location of VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art:

From Thursday 23 December 2020 Visual galleries and shop is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Luckily I`ve been visiting VISUAL on 15th December.


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