Doll’s House – Rathaspeck Manor, Co. Wexford

I noticed this colorful and very unusual building from afar. Therefore, I had to stop and take a picture of it. Then I googled it and find out its name is The Doll’s House.

The Doll’s House is a colorfully-painted gate lodge that is located at the entrance of Rathaspeck Manor in County Wexford.

The house lies inside the front gates of Rathaspeck Manor. This historic Georgian-style manor was built in the late 17th century. The Cuddihy family currently owns the manor.

The Doll’s House itself was originally built by an English family called the Moodys back in 1900.

It’s speculated that it may have been a folly created by the then-owner of Rathaspeck Manor, Edmund Moody. It is said to have visited the Paris Exhibition of 1900 and was inspired by this. Although it was built to serve as a gate lodge for the manor. Many locals erroneously believed that it had been built as an extravagant doll’s house for the owner’s daughter.

The Doll’s House remains a well-loved iconic building that was listed as a protected structure in 2001. The renovation happened in a number of phases, since 2005 the house is being rented out through Airbnb.

The interior decoration is a real mix of styles, drawing from no particular era. It’s based on the idea of collecting. Moreover, the designer was fascinated by the Victorian trend of a cabinet of curiosity.

Wexford ‘Doll’s House’ is one of the most unique places to stay in County Wexford. It’s a B&B now and you can book it through Airbnb as well.

Situated a short walk from Johnstown Castle and a 5-minute drive from Wexford town. Therefore, it is the ideal base for exploring Wexford.

Location of The Doll’s House – Rathaspeck Manor:

Below are photos I took in April 2022.


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