Photo walk through the streets of Carlow

I went for a photo walk through the streets of Carlow Town on a sunny Sunday, the 26th of May 2019.

So, I walked through Kilkenny Road, then through Burrin street where is a beautiful view from Burrin Bridge for Carlow Castle.

Next, I took a photo of my favorite Art street at Bridewell Lane.

Then, I walked through Tullow street. There I photographed three very interesting pubs:

  • Tully`s Bar is a spacious, stylish, and lively pub. With a relaxed atmosphere and live music every night from Thursday to Sunday. It’s a favorite bar, number one on Carlow’s student bar list.
  • The Tullow Gate Wetherspoon is a famous pub and restaurant. It takes its name from the Tullow Gate, one of the four town gates of the old walls around Carlow.
  • Scraggs Alley Pub is one of the town’s largest and most famous pubs. It has been providing live music and fun that appeals to people from all walks of life for the last 26 years.

On Dublin street, I took a photo of a building with street art: a flying helicopter.

In the end, I went to St. Mary’s Church of Ireland. It is the tallest building in Carlow town. The tower is 210 feet high. Also, there I found a bug hotel.


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