Ivy Cottage at Borris

Ivy Cottage at Borris is the most beautiful cottage I’ve seen in County Carlow. It is located just at the entrance to Borris village.

Beautiful Borris village is full of charm and looks like time stopped here.

The cottage is called Ivy Cottage and it`s all ivy-covered.

Ivy symbolizes fidelity (it won’t easily let go of something it’s attached itself to) and eternal life (because the plant is evergreen). In ancient Egypt, ivy was dedicated to Osiris, who represented immortality. In ancient Greece, ivy was the plant of Dionysus because of its vigor.

Celtic Meaning: Ivy symbolism in the Druid Ogham deals mainly with friendship and connection. Ivy’s meaning is about forming a bond with joy.

Ivy-covered cottages and buildings look lovely.

Half part of the cottage at Borris has a lovely red door and window. And another half part has the wooden color of the door and window and blue additives like flower pots. It looks amazing.

There is also a fence and a beautiful bicycle with flower pots as well.

I always had to stop to take some photos of this Cottage when I was in the area of Borris, Co, Carlow. Unfortunately, the cars parked in front of the cottage spoil the view.


Below are photos I took in July 2021.


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