Carlow Vintage and Classic Motor Club Show

Jaguars, Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Rolls Royces, Mustangs, Mercedeses …

Shows of classic and vintage cars such as the one organized by Carlow Vintage and Classic Motor Club are popular in Ireland. Clubs associating the owners of classic and vintage cars are in many Irish towns in each County. There are many owners and lovers of classic and vintage cars. Classic and vintage cars also almost always take a part in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Such a show of classic and vintage cars is an amazing opportunity, not only for automotive enthusiasts, to take a close look at interesting brands and models of cars from different years.

Carlow Vintage and Classic Motor Club were founded in 2007.

In the beginning, the club had only 40 people but this number increased quickly. And currently has over one hundred members from the counties of Carlow, Laois, Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow, Dublin, and Kildare. The club organizes its meetings on the last Tuesday of every month. At 8.30 pm at the Lord Bagnal Hotel in Leighlinbridge and new members are always welcome. All members are notified of upcoming events and meetings. The club’s official website is Carlow Vintage and Classic Motor Club:

Anyone who has a classic or vintage car, motorcycle, or tractor can sign up for the Club. It can also buy a vehicle or parts of it here. My current landlord (the owner of the house that I rent) belongs to the Club. He has several such vintage cars that I can admire in the backyard every day.

Carlow Vintage and Classic Motor Club organize this type of show twice a year. One in May and the second in August.

Every year in May, a Show of Vintage and Classic Cars takes place in the historic ruins of Ducketts Grove estate. And is connected to a mini craft fair and a visit to Ducketts Grove gardens. This a great opportunity to visit the amazing place which is Duckett’s Grove considered the most photogenic attraction in Carlow County.

However, in August, every year, these are two days of shows that take place in the town of Carlow. So, cars pass through the town as well as shows and fairs.

The photos below were taken during Carlow Vintage and Classic Motor Club Show in August 2017, Carlow Town.


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