Carlow Presbyterian Church (Scots’ Church)

The early 19th-century Scots Church in Carlow town is the county’s largest Presbyterian church. It is located at Athy Road in Carlow town. And just opposite there is a Carlow Methodist Church.

As a matter of fact, Scots Churches are very rare, only 4 known to be in existence in Ireland (two in Dublin, one in Cobh, and one in Carlow).

So, Scots’ Church in Carlow town is a three-bay church hall designed by the architect Thomas Alfred Cobden in 1818. Furthermore, its compact form and simple design are articulated by a font elevation of classical composition.

In addition, to the Presbyterian church, Cobden, an architectural ecumenicist, designed the St. Mary`s Church of Ireland (1829-33) and Carlow Cathedral of the Assumption (1829-34) in Carlow town.

Thus, the foundation stone for Carlow Scots’ Church was laid by Mr. C. Butler, sovereign of the town of Carlow, on the 18th of June 1818 and completed by September 1818. Then, opened for worship by the Rev. James Homer of Dublin on the 12th of September, 1819. The first minister, the Rev. James Morgan, was ordained for Carlow on the 21st June 1820. Scots’ Church has continued to function as a Presbyterian meeting house since then.

Presently, the church is open every Sunday at 11.15 am

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