Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford

Another amazing place I visited on my holiday in July was Annestown Beach. Sometimes called a gem of The Copper Coast.

Annestown Beach is a beautiful beach in the village of Annestown in County Waterford. With its sea arch and islands, is an attractive bathing place and is popular with surfers and swimmers.

Annestown or Bun Abha, meaning “River’s End” is a coastal village where the Anne River meets the sea on The Copper Coast. Situated between Dungarvan and Tramore, Annestown village is made up of around 25 cottages and houses built on a steep hill.

Annestown’s beach has the merit of offering you a most authentic landscape, with its fine sandy beach, rocks, and cliffs nearby. A true haven of peace, the place seems like the end of the world, away from civilization. The water is beautiful, and transparent and can take on turquoise colors in bright sunshine.

It is a destination for surfers but only when there are large swells and waves as the cove has very shallow water.

There is car parking (Annestown Strand car parking) near the beach. The beach is rocky and it offers some amazing views around.

The cliffs on this beach are shaped by explosive volcanos and tectonic drifts. The rocks on the left side of the beach is made by a submarine volcano 460 million years ago. A landscape carved by glaciers and meltwater rivers between about 1.8 million and 12.000 years ago.

The building in the car park is a lime kiln, built with local stones. It was used to burn limestone and reduce it into lime. Then used as lime mortar in buildings, or in agriculture to reduce soil acidity.

Location of Annestown Beach:

Below are photos I took in July 2021.


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