Volunteering work at Sue Ryder Charity Shop Carlow

I started volunteering at Sue Ryder Charity Shop Carlow on July 6th, 2018. It’s been a great experience for me and I recommend it to everyone. And it helped me gain experiences I would never have gained elsewhere.

If I’m honest I personally chose to volunteer for selfish reasons. First of all, I wanted to improve my English and my confidence. Second I wanted to get some new experience, and some customer service skills and to avoid having a blank space on my CV. Also, I like fashion and clothes … and in the future, I will plan to get a job in retail. Plus it was for charity.

As a volunteer in a charity shop, I was assisting in the day-to-day running of a charity shop.

I was helping to keep the shop clean, tidy, and presentable to the customers at all times. Also, I was helping to sort donations, and prepare and price products for sale (bric-a-brac items, toys, books, shoes, bags, etc). I was sorting, hanging, and tagging clothes. Besides, I was helping to create windows, dress mannequins, and specific areas of the shop (shelves, windows). Also, I was helping customers on the shop floor, serving customers, operate the till. What`s more, I was serving in our pop-up shop since open to closing.

I was treating my volunteering work like a normal job: I always being on time and I was doing all tasks that their managers gave to me.

I find my decision to start volunteering was brilliant because I have gained experience, and new skills, worked with people I would never have met otherwise, and learned more about how the charity shops function.

So, for Five months I was volunteering at Sue Ryder Charity Shop Carlow from 6th July 2018 until 23rd November 2018.

`Carlow Sue Ryder Charity Shop is one of the biggest charity shops in the country, stocking a vast range of affordable items. They also have a bookshop stocking a great selection of books.

They sell nearly new clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children. Also, sell household linens, bric-a-brac, kitchenware, toys, DVDs, CDs, and small items of furniture.

The Sue Ryder Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping older people live safely, securely, and independently.`

Sue Ryder Charity Shop is located at 1 Dublin Street, Graigue, in Carlow Town.


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