Volunteering work at Second Chance Charity Shop Carlow

I started volunteering at Second Chance Charity Shop Carlow on November 27th, 2018. 

After I left my volunteering work at Sue Ryder Charity Shop Carlow I knew that I love working in a charity shop and I would love to continue this. I also love animals so volunteering in an animal welfare shop seems to be perfect. Second Chance charity shop is located in the Carlow Shopping Centre. And it 100% supports animal welfare.

The Second Chance Shop is in association with Carlow SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Carlow SPCA is 100% voluntary and at a local level relies totally on public donations. Reg Charity No CHY20311. The aim of the Carlow S.P.C.A is to prevent cruelty to animals, promote animal welfare, and pro-actively relieve animal suffering in Co.Carlow. The Carlow S.P.C.A believes that animals have the right to live their lives free from needless suffering and we aim to rescue rehabilitate and responsibly re-home animals that are subjected to cruelty or neglect.

If you wish to donate directly to their vet bill, you can ring them directly on VetCare Athy 059 86 31498.

– source Carlow SPCA

My volunteering work at Second Chance was a fabulous time.

Exceptionally friendly atmosphere and fantastic people. Both owners of the shop are lovely ladies with big hearts for animals. There were rescued cats in the shop or even rescued guinea pigs. As a volunteer, we could help feed just newborn kittens.

But the best thing was meeting Casey. Casey is a Samoyed, Irish Champion, European Champion, and 2nd Crufts (English dog show of the World). He is a very special dog. He was often in a weekend in the shop. I was falling in love with him from the first meeting. So one of my favorite jobs was walking with Casey around Carlow Shopping Centre and collecting money for Carlow SPCA. 16th of March at SECOND CHANCE in Carlow Shopping Centre we celebrated Casey`s 9th Birthday. It was music and Birthday cake for our fantastic dog Casey. Casey was blowing out the candle.

As a volunteer in the Second Chance charity shop:

  • I was helping to keep the shop tidy and presentable to the customers at all times.
  • I was preparing and pricing products for sale (bric-a-brac items, toys, books, shoes, bags, etc).
  • I was cleaning, ironing, hanging, and tagging clothes.
  • I was helping to create windows and dress mannequins.
  • I was serving customers and operating the till.

Volunteering at Second Chance was perfect for me, for improving my English and my confidence and meeting new friends. I was very happy. WHATEVER you decide to do, MAKE sure it makes you HAPPY!

So seven months I was volunteering at Second Chance Charity Shop Carlow from 27th November 2018 until 3rd July 2019. And the 10th of July 2019 I got a job in Dunnes Store Carlow.

Second Chance Charity Shop Carlow is located in Carlow Shopping Centre:

Below are some pics from my volunteering time at Second Chance Charity Shop.


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