Tinnahinch Castle

During my visit at Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny I discovered by chance a ruins of Tinnahinch Castle.

The ruins of the castle are behind a modern house on the east bank of River Barrow, the County Carlow side of the river. Unfortunately it is not possible to enter. An old ruin, located beside the Lock at Tinnahinch on private property and may not be accessible to the public. It can still be viewed on the Barrow walk.

Name Tinnahinch comes from the Irish Tigh-na-hlnnse that means “House of the Island”. It refers to a previous castle built along the river further north.

It was built in 1615 by James Butler to control the passage over the river. But he lost his castle and his lands after joining the Confedarate War in 1641. It seems that the last occupant of the castle was locally known as Mad Butler. And because of the scandals that involved his family he was burnt outside his own castle.

Tinnahinch Castle was also burnt and it stands in ruins since 1700.

Today the remain of castle building has lots of windows in the east-northeast and west-southwest walls, and a wonderful bartizan at the roof level on the north-northeast corner.

Inside the castle there’s a thick vegetation and most of the walls are hidden.

Source: www.irishstones.org

I was very happy to discover another Castle in County Carlow.

Location of Tinnahinch Castle:

Below my photos taken in July 2021.


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