The Inspirational Gardens at Arboretum

The Inspirational Gardens at Arboretum

After shopping in Arboretum Home & Garden Heaven customers are free to allow to relax in The Inspirational Gardens at Arboretum.

These gardens are designed by Rachel Doyle, the owner of Arboretum, who has created exclusive display gardens to inspire visitors to imagine and create their own dream gardens.

Furthermore, The Inspirational Gardens were designed in a way to reflect the influence of color on our well-being.

So red = vitality, green = development, and harmony. Then orange = optimism and joy, yellow = contentment, blue = energy, and purple = knowledge.

A visit to the Gardens is a treat for the amateur or the enthusiast too. You will find many inspiring ideas here, on how to create an interesting, stylish garden. That is at the same time easy to maintain. Or requires little maintenance, and is able to meet the most sophisticated requirements.

Arboretum Home & Garden Heaven and its Inspirational Gardens are located on Old Kilkenny Road in Leighlinbridge, County Carlow.

Moreover, Leighlinbridge enjoys a range of gardens. Built and designed by the local community to commemorate various aspects of village life over the years. These include the Millennium Garden, the Vivaldi Garden, the Garden of Remembrance, and the Sculpture Garden. These gardens all feature in the Carlow Garden Trail and gives Leighlinbride the title ‘The Garden Village`.

Location of The Inspirational Gardens:

Below are my photos taken in July 2020.


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