Pollerton Castle

On Pollerton Road, is located a small castle, called Pollerton Castle, built in 1839.

It is currently the house of local entrepreneur Mr. Richard Healy, the company’s founder of funeral R. Healy & Son – known throughout County Carlow.

Richard Healy (1911 – 1993) founded the funeral business in March 1944. He was a local entrepreneur and a relatively modest well-known marathon athlete, known throughout the county of Carlow and the business flourished under him. In 1960 his only son Pat (hence the name R. Healy & Son) joined him.

At this time Richard carried out the business from his home in College Street, Carlow. As the company increased it was evident that they need extra space and facilities. So Pat and his wife Cora bought Pollerton Castle, Carlow to fill this need. Source: www.funeral-directors.ie/about/

Therefore Carlow`s first funeral home was built in 1979 on the grounds of Pollerton Castle.

It was a two-acre 18th-century home.

The name Pollerton is derived from the family name of Pollard. And the area was once called Pollardstown. This name can be found on the 1640 census of Ireland.

Stretching from Shamrock Square to the Railway Line Bridge we have Lower Pollerton Road, from here Upper Pollerton Road starts, with the cutting and then the ‘twelve houses’ both on the left-hand side. ‘Out in the country’ we have Pollerton Big.

In place of the former gardens of the Castle, there is now a housing estate Castlewood Gardens.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any more information about this Castle before it has been bought by Healys family.

On the website Carlow County – Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM), you can see info about Castles of Co. Carlow: www.igp-web.com/Carlow/castles_of_carlow

Writers over the years have claimed that there were over 150 castles in County Carlow.

They have succeeded in identifying the sites of 93. So far I visited 10 Castles in County Carlow.

Now a private house, Pollerton Castle is one of few fully preserved castles. It looks lovely during the summer months when the ivy is blooming.

Location of Pollerton Castle:


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