Killeshin Waterworks Reservoir Amenity Park, Co. Laois

I discovered recently Killeshin Waterworks Reservoir Amenity Park and it made me impress. Beautiful scenery and had an accessible pathway. Very peaceful place to walk and clear your head. And it is located 5km (only an 8-minute drive) from Carlow Town.

Moreover, Killeshin has many interesting features, like Killeshin Hills, Killeshin Church and its Romanesque Doorway, Uisean Park, and Old Killeshin Waterworks.

Thus, the Old Killeshin Waterworks reservoir was built in the late 19th century.

These lands comprise a total of 9.075 hectares. Located within County Laois were acquired in 1894 for the purposes of the provision of a water Supply for Carlow Town. Subsequent to the acquisition of the lands and the construction of the reservoir in 1894 (completed 1986). Additional Water Works Buildings such as a filter House, Filter Beds, and caretaker’s House were constructed in 1926.

The abandonment of the scheme by Carlow U.D.C. (now Carlow Town Council) came at the end of September 1987 following the introduction of the Carlow North Regional Supply scheme from Rathvilly. For a short while after, Laois County Council used water from Killeshin. But has not done so for the past two decades.

The Reservoir area, treatment works houses, and surrounding woodlands were no longer utilized as the pipelines had now reached the limit of their economic design life.

So, on the 21st of January 2011, Laois County Council entered into a license agreement with the land owners, Carlow Town Council, to use the land as an amenity park.

Source: Information board.

While Killeshin Waterworks Reservoir no longer supplies the town, now it is a popular local amenity park with a walkway around the entire artificial lake.

Furthermore, three bridges were built, fences were erected, and a tarmacadam was laid. Also, a car park was developed, areas were landscaped and a pump house was renovated. What was once a reservoir area was transformed into an education eco-tourist location.

The Killeshin Waterworks Amenity Park is a place of tranquillity and natural beauty. Many walkers utilize the 650m track around the reservoir and explore the surrounding woodland. Some extremely rare foliage and plants are growing only in that area.


Below are photos I took in February 2021.


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