Ballymoon Castle

Out of hundreds of ruined castles across Ireland, Ballymoon Castle is one of the more unique and mysterious. It is situated in the Barrow Valley, approximately 2 miles (3 km) east of Muine Bheag (Bagenalstown), County Carlow, Ireland.

Ballymoon Castle is located only 3,8 km from Ballyloughan Castle.

Like many other Irish castles, Ballymoon has no recorded history, but for architectural reasons it is believed to have been built in the 13th century by Anglo-Normans and designed as a defensive fortress. Much of the history has been lost, but it is thought to have been built by Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk, in the turbulent times, or by the Carew family, who acquired the land when Bigod died without issue. In the late 1800s, the castle was bought by Michael Sheill from Wexford who established a number of local businesses.

Ballymoon Castle was never completed, and its construction was interrupted. The cause is unknown, but given that construction began during a chaotic period in Irish history, it seems that things did not turn out well for the builders.

Ballymoon Castle is a valuable National Monument of Ireland.

Located in a field next to the Fennagh road. The castle is accessible to the public, with access via a small wooden bridge over a ditch. Visitors can access the castle walls at ground level. Sightseeing: walking inside and walking around the castle takes about half an hour.

The castle is in ruins, consists of a square courtyard about 80 feet, surrounded on each side by 20 feet high granite walls which are about 8 feet wide at the base. The interior of the castle is open, in the walls you can see where the doors and fireplaces were to be placed. The large double fireplace on the north side was part of the great hall. There are no signs of the castle’s internal structure other than the foundations, and this has just led to speculation that the castle was never completed. The wall on the west side has an arched gate. The grooves that can be seen above the gate suggest that there may have been a barbican. In the castle walls you can see many mysterious crevices with strange shapes, such as a guns, loops, keys and arrows.

All this makes the castle mysterious and very interesting not only for scientists but also for tourists who can admire its walls up close. The name of Ballymoon is beautiful and mysterious.

Ballymoon is a castle that today has a square courtyard protected by imposing walls.

The location of the Castle is quite a secluded place and therefore you can feel a bit strange and scary inside its walls, especially when the wind blows around the courtyard and you can hear the croaking of birds overhead.

Ballymoon Castle is undoubtedly one of the most impressive castle ruins in County Carlow.

Location of Ballymoon Castle:


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