Altamont Gardens in September 2022

Is it worth visiting Altamont Gardens in September?

Definitely, well worth a visit for a few hours if the weather is fine. I visited Altamont in September with my friend and her daughter, and it was beautiful, sunny, and still so green.

The stunning Altamont Gardens in Carlow are fabulous at any time of year.

The last time when I was in Altamont Gardens was in February during amazing Snowdrop Month.

Also, I`ve been there in the Summer of 2021 in June.

Regardless of the season, Altamont Gardens delight. Deservedly considered one of the most beautiful and romantic gardens in Ireland. Because they have a special undefined magic, artistry, and unique and wholly enchanting character. Also, they are referred to as the “Jewel in Ireland’s Gardening Crown”.

What`s more, Altamont Gardens was awarded the prestigious Green Flag award 2022/2023. The award is an international scheme that recognizes and encourages the provision of good quality parks and green spaces that are managed in environmentally sustainable ways.

So, if you are making a bucket list of the greenest and best places to visit in Ireland, think no further.

In Altamont Gardens in September all looked breathtaking in the sunny weather.

I love to explore the gardens and photograph them. I could spend a few hours in the garden, photographing every detail, each flower and each plant. Also this time I found a lot of beautiful, colorful flowers. And the lake looked especially stunning. I love the style of Altamont Gardens which is “Robinsonian” in other words naturalistic.

Altamont Gardens are open 7 days a week, in September: 9:00 – 18:30.

Besides, entrance is free of charge as the site is run by Ireland’s Office of Public Works. And there is a parking fee of € 2.

Location of Altamont Gardens:

Below are my photos taken in September 2022.


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