1st May International Workers’ Day Carlow 2021

International Workers’ Day in 2021 was on Saturday, the 1st of May.

This year Carlow’s public buildings light up red this May Day to acknowledge the county’s workforce.

Sites such as the Carlow Town Hall illuminated red on May 1st, traditionally known as Workers’ Day. (I found out about it from an article in carlow-nationalist.ie and kclr96fm).

Moreover, International Workers’ Day was traditionally celebrated with demonstrations in recognition of workers’ roles in society. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, this was changed.

Nowadays the most important is to honor and respect the essential workers and the role they played in keeping people safe and society running during the pandemic. As such, we should celebrate the work of nurses, teachers, retail workers, and the many others who played vital roles throughout the pandemic.

Red it’s the color associated with socialist tradition and workers’ rights and that fight for change. The fight for better wages and working conditions still continues across the country.

Unfortunately, I had to use my imagination to see Carlow Town Hall illuminated red on May 1st.

However, I found beautiful red Tulips in the center of Carlow Town. And I had a red drink from Ewings Bar to celebrate 1st May International Workers’ Day.

Below are photos I took in May 2021.


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