An Gairdín Beo

What a beautiful place I discovered in the center of Carlow Town on Old Dublin Road. It is called “An Gairdín Beo” which means an Irish saying that literally translates to ”The Garden Alive”.

So, An Gairdín Beo is a living garden for the Carlow community with a two-acre space. And it is located just next to St Leo’s Convent of Mercy.

In 2014 Sisters of Mercy offered a lease on a two-acre wilderness that sits next to St Leo’s College and Convent, giving the community an opportunity to create a garden. In 2015 a Board of Directors was established and An Gairdín Beo has since registered as a Charity. The garden activity is by the Volunteers. An Gairdín Beo welcomes volunteers from across the community.

This is a community garden which means a place where people come together to enjoy nature and the green space, grow food, herbs, flowers, and other plants, learn new skills, meet other people, and be part of their local community and take part in organized events or activities.

In An Gairdín Beo there are:

  • the stables,
  • pizza oven,
  • growing area,
  • biodiversity area,
  • geo-dome,
  • wetlands,
  • healing garden,
  • St. Joseph`s Walk,
  • wildflower meadow,
  • native heritage orchard,
  • native grove
  • and meditation garden.

This place and its idea are brilliant. A peaceful green space in the center of town where visitors can walk and browse through the garden, rest, and admire the beauty of nature. It is also a gardener’s paradise.

The Garden is open Monday to Friday: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm and Saturday and Sunday by arrangement. Admission is free.

I invite you to visit the official website:

“Our ethos values diversity, sustainability, organic methods, and indigenous species. The overall vision of the garden is of a space where people can connect more with nature, with the growing and making of food and one another”.



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