The best-decorated Halloween window in Carlow Town

Definitely, the best-decorated and spooky, scary, scrumptious Halloween window I have ever seen was in Sue Ryder Charity Shop on Dublin street, in Carlow town. They called it “Dinner for two … “

I was a volunteer at Sue Ryder Charity Shop this year and I had the opportunity to help to decorate the Halloween window. It was a great experience and fun.

Sue Ryder Charity Shop in Dublin street, Carlow always had a fantastic decorated window for all over a year. They are famous for it. Their Halloween window was brilliant, with very detailed preparation, and was extremely creative. Everything is thanks to the project and realization of the talented manager of the Sue Ryder Charity Shop. I admired her work and I had been happy I can help.

Carlow Sue Ryder Charity Shop is one of the biggest charity shops in the country, stocking a vast range of affordable items. Moreover, there is also a bookshop stocking a great selection of books.

They sell nearly new clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children. They also sell household linens, bric-a-brac, kitchenware, toys, DVDs, CDs, and small items of furniture.

The Sue Ryder Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping older people live safely, securely, and independently.`

Below are a few pics of the scary Halloween window in the Sue Ryder Charity Shop. PS Things from the window weren’t for sale.


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