Rudkin’s Mill

Panoramic Rudkin’s Mill is located on the River Barrow, in Bagenalstown (Muine Bheag), County Carlow.

Reputedly the first mill in Bagenalstown, now in ruins.

The Rudkin after whom the mill is named came to the area, about the year 1680.

Rudkins Mill built by Rudkin family in 1690 to process grain which was transported by river. Orginally the Mill was connected to the town but the construction of the mill race for Lodge Mills, furter down the tow path, left Rudkins Mill on an island.

The Rudkin family emigrated to America and started a foodstuffs company Pepperidge Farm, which developed into a nationwide bussines with over 4000 employees.

Source dashboard in Bagenalstown.

Location of Rudkin’s Mill:

Rudkin’s Mill – Bagenalstown
Rudkin’s Mill – Bagenalstown
Rudkin’s Mill – Bagenalstown
Rudkin’s Mill – Bagenalstown
Bagenalstown – dashboard


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