Rathnageeragh Castle

Rathnageeragh Castle, County Carlow

Near the village of Myshall (10 minutes drive) at Rathnageeragh are the remains of 14th-century Rathnageeragh Castle.

Rathnageeragh means “fort of the sheep“, named after the sheep that runs there on the slopes of Mount Leinster.

Rathnageeragh is a small townland situated nearby to Knockendrane and Knockdramagh Bridge. The ruins of Rathnageeragh Castle are situated on private land on Hogan’s Farm.

In the ‘Archaeological Inventory of Co. Carlow‘ published by the OPW there are brief descriptions of the historical remains of Rathnageeragh Castle.

The remains consist of a square gatehouse of two storeys with at least one higher-angle tower. Represented by the North West wall and parts of the North East wall. Besides, the entrance is in the center of the North West wall leading to a central vaulted passageway between two parallel vaulted chambers.

Further, a courtyard is visible as a slightly raised platform in the South East. Moreover, the castle bears every evidence of having been a place of considerable extent and great strength. It belonged to the Kavanagh clan.

So, the castle was built possibly in the 14th century. Then, used as an out fort by the Kavanagh family until seized in an Inquisition in Wells in 1631. But eventually destroyed by Cromwell in 1650.

What`s more, the gun platform used to bombard the building can still be seen on a hill in the neighboring townland.

Moreover, in the 20th century, a nearly perfect pair of heavy iron leg fetters, and half a pair of iron manacles were discovered near the castle ruin. Hence, they are considered unique because they may be of Gaelic rather than Norman origin.

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Location of Rathnageeragh Castle:

Below are my photos taken in January 2022.


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