Cornucopia Restaurant, Co. Dublin

A great trip deserves a great meal. So at the end of our sightseeing in Dublin, we went for dinner to the great restaurant, called Cornucopia.

Cornucopia is a popular, renowned, award-winning, and much-loved Vegetarian and Wholefood Restaurant. It is centrally located in Dublin City Centre’s Wicklow Street, off Grafton Street, in a beautiful 18th-century Georgian building.

Location of Cornucopia Restaurant:

What’s more, the restaurant has a very interesting name. In classical antiquity, the Cornucopia, from Latin cornu (horn) and copia (abundance), also called the horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers, or nuts.

Today Cornucopia is one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Dublin, and one of the oldest.

Cornucopia’s doors were opened on 19 Wicklow Street Dublin 2 by an enthusiastic young couple in 1986. They opened a Cornucopia health food shop and cafe in January 1986. It is a long-established family-run business, for over 35 years, a mother-and-daughter-owned restaurant.

Cornucopia’s mission is to produce great-tasting, healthy, vegan, and vegetarian food in a friendly and relaxed environment. Secondly, the meal can be accompanied by a glass of organic vegan wine, craft bottled beer, freshly made juice, or artisan coffee.
Specializing in vegan and gluten-free cuisine, a dynamic team of chefs continually develops an evolving menu. The menu selection changes daily, offering a wide variety of delicious options to choose from. Also choose from a selection of handcrafted vegan cakes, from a 100% plant-based bakery. Lots of options waiting to tempt customers.

So, the restaurant is open for indoor dining, outdoor dining, and takeaway over three floors of a restored Georgian home. Besides, it serves a vegan menu from two self-service counters, one for main courses, soups, salads, and sandwiches, and an additional with organic coffees and handmade pastries. 

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Cornucopia has recently opened two artistically decorated dining areas of their stunning Georgian building for dining and arts events providing a warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere.

It looked lovely inside, we sat down in the 2nd-floor dining room. Great decor with wooden tables, a fireplace, chandeliers, earthy wallpaper, and fresh-cut flowers, like in somebody’s private home. It’s a really cute and cozy place.

If you are looking for a casual dining wholefood restaurant that caters to a variety of tastes and diets including gluten-free, sugar-free, coeliac, and raw, you must visit Cornucopia.

I was very excited to be the first time in a real vegan restaurant. There was a self-service and the menu was hand-written on the board. They had amazing choices of mains and salads and the cake selection was fantastic too.

Honestly, I didn`t know what to choose so I took the same as the daughter of my friend. So I had Potato cake and a bowl of salad, plus a vegan cookie for dessert. And I am not sure what my friend choose, possibly it was a vegan Casserole and a bowl of salad.

The food was very tasty, hearty, and nutritional. Truly delicious, colorful, and creative dishes with very generous portions. The most I liked the vegan cookie.

We also bought some cakes for taking home.


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