Chocolate Garden of Ireland, Co. Wicklow

World Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on the 7th of July. So this is a perfect occasion to visit “the most chocolate place” in County Carlow. And it is the Chocolate Garden of Ireland.

Located between Tullow and Shillelagh, Chocolate Garden is a place trendy among all ages. Like school trips, preschoolers, company integration meetings, and hen parties take place. Retirees also organize their meetings, because everyone is a child when it comes to delicious chocolates.

It is located in a rural area on the Carlow-Wicklow border. It takes its name from Ireland’s garden county – Wicklow. Chocolate Garden is a great name for a chocolate factory. After all, chocolate is made from the seeds of a small tree called Theobroma cacao, or cocoa tree.

Chocolate Garden of Ireland offers the highest quality chocolates, ice cream, cakes, and gift products. That can be bought directly in the store or ordered online.

The Chocolate Garden: a timeless chocolate experience

Therefore Chocolate Garden of Ireland is not only a chocolate and ice cream factory but also:

  • Cafe, ice cream parlor, and store
  • Outdoor playground and sandpit for children
  • Chocolate workshops: where you can learn everything about the production of chocolate. The cultivation of cocoa, make and decorate your own chocolate product yourself. And taste different types of the highest-quality chocolate. Anyone who is 6 or 96 years old can participate in the workshop.

Established in 2001 by Jim and Mary Healy it is a company with an almost 20-year tradition. Repeatedly awarded for the excellent quality of its products. And a very rich offer that is able to satisfy the greatest gourmets.

Among their products are waffles, all-butter biscuits, luxury chocolate spreads, and lollipops. Also hot chocolate swirl sticks, premium ice creams, sorbets, and frozen yogurts.

Chocolate Garden of Ireland offers handmade chocolates for any occasion:

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter bunnies, Valentine’s chocolates, and Christmas Chocolates. Lots of chocolates in various shapes, even in the form of bags and shoes. Also wonderful birthday and wedding cakes. They also offer gift baskets to cover all occasions.

All of their chocolate products are gluten-free. And most of their ice cream varieties and all of their sorbets are gluten-free.

The Chocolate Garden of Ireland is the first Artisan Chocolatier in Ireland to offer stunning ruby chocolate. Also known as “pink chocolate” for its pale pink hue.

They have won many awards since the company was founded in 2001. They have also been featured on various television and radio programs.

I invite you to visit the official website:

In my opinion, the best time to visit the Chocolate Garden of Ireland is during Christmas or Easter season. But is also the busiest time.

Location of Chocolate Garden of Ireland:

The below photos were taken by me during the Christmas season in 2017.


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