Carlow Tree of Remembrance

The 2020 Rotary Tree of Remembrance started on Saturday, November 14th, and will keep going until 25th January 2021. Moreover, it is fundraising for the Rotary Club of Carlow.

Rotary Carlow was founded in 1986. So it is an active group of professional people who want to use their skills to ‘give back’ to the community.

Carlow Tree of Remembrance is located on Barrack Street Carlow, at the Fairgreen Shopping Centre entrance. And it has become a feature of Christmas in Carlow.

The Tree of Remembrance gives the people of Carlow an opportunity to remember loved ones. In Christmas with a yellow ribbon on the Tree of Remembrance. How it works:

  1. First, you can leave a donation on the donation page or you can donate in person at the tree.
  2. Second, give the name of the person you want to remember at the tree. Or leave it in the comments under your donation and then it will be written on a ribbon for you.
  3. Donations aid local and Rotary charities – St. Vincent de Paul Carlow, Éist Cancer Support, Delta Centre Carlow, and Bethany House – Alzheimer’s Society.

As there are many people who may not be able to return home for Christmas this year or may not be able to visit the tree, donations can be made at

The Trees of Remembrance are in many towns of Ireland. Some like in Cork, are bigger and more impressive than ours in Carlow.

In the photos below our Rotary Tree of Remembrance is just starting to become covered in yellow ribbons.

And on the photos below, the Rotary Tree of Remembrance is full of yellow ribbons after two months.


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