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St Mullins

St Mullins is a scenic and charming Barrow-side village with an impressive ecclesiastical history. And it was always top of my list of Must visit places in County Carlow. The village of St Mullins (Irish: Tigh Moling, formerly anglicized as Timoling or Tymoling – “Homestead of Moling”) is beautifully situated on the eastern bank of […]

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St Mullin’s Monastic site

St Mullin’s Monastic site is one of the most significant archaeological sites, standing in importance with Glendalough and Clonmacnoise. So, it attracts many historians, archaeologists, and general visitors to County Carlow and the River Barrow area. So, the village of St Mullin`s is named after Saint Moling (or Mo Ling, 614–697), who founded a monastery […]

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